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Kind Words From SKIN Clients

“Sara’s considered the ‘esthetician’s esthetician’ by her peers.”
–  Laurie M.

“Sara, you’re simply amazing! I want to thank you and make sure you know how much I appreciate your talents. My complexion is once again flawless after a long, frustrating struggle. Thank you for coming to my rescue!”
–  Tina G. (an M.D.)

“As a brown-skinned African-American woman facing acne problems, it is difficult to find professionals specializing in African-American skin care. I have tried everything from the popular skin regimes to the affluent facial clinics. I have found the techniques offered by Sara are not only professional, but most importantly, they work. Sara has been a God-send to my acne worries. Now my skin looks better than it ever has before, and I can actually leave my home make-up free. Thank you, Sara, for you dedication to all types of skin tones, colors and treatments. You are the bomb!”
–  Erin B.

“Sara’s treatments have made my skin amazing! Frankly, I’d never seen a lot of actual results before with other facialists I’d tried. I think I look younger now than when I started working with Sara some years ago! I travel extensively throughout the globe and have tried facials everywhere possible. Sara’s truly in a league of her own.”
–  Susanne G.

“When I developed adult acne in my late 20’s, I tried all kinds of over-the-counter and prescription products with little success. Each month I would get hormonal breakouts which included very painful cysts that took a long time to heal and would leave behind dark scars. When I was referred to Sara to try facials, I had no idea what to expect, as I’d never had a facial before. And lo and behold – my skin was transformed! I can’t believe I didn’t realise this before – that no product is going to get in there and clean out your pores. Manual extractions are the key, and Sara is truly an expert in this area. With regular facials my pores stay clear, and I no longer suffer from painful cysts every month. Additionally, my skin is softer and smoother than ever. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone suffering from acne breakouts. She is amazing, and she genuinely cares about the condition of your skin. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!”
–  Sonja J.

“Sara has helped me with my skin for years. My favorite thing to do is to see her once a month! She’ll make you feel great, I guarantee . . . very magical and healing.”
–  Francesca B.

“Sara—You’re the skin master! Truly, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my skin.  It’s completely changed my self-esteem and the way I live my daily life.  I no longer look in the mirror (or look people in the eyes) and feel ashamed of my broken-out face. (I’m tearing up just thinking about it.) You’ve been such a blessing in my life in so many ways. Thank you.”
– Tanya G.

 “Unlike my mother, I was not blessed with flawless skin . . . you know that type of skin where you can use any over-the-counter product and it still looks okay? Throughout my adolescent and adult life I have struggled with imperfect skin. Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes; you name it, I had it. I tried so many skin care regimes I last count. Those skin care products worked a little, but only short-term. Then I met Sara! I have been a loyal client of Sara’s for about a year now, and she has become my skin’s regime. Her expertise is truly priceless.”
– Nakita R.

“Sara was a happy accident in my life. I was being treated for adult acne by a famous dermatologist who sent me to Sara as part of my treatment regime. Sara performed a series of peels and numerous extractions. Much to my surprise, not only did my stubborn acne fade away, but I noticed a profound anti-aging effect! Sara does her research. I’m elated to have found someone who genuinely cares enough about their work to do the most conscientious job possible, treating each person and their problems on an individual basis. I cannot say enough good things about her services–you must try them for yourself. ”
– Holly P.

“Sara has definitely been a God-send. My skin’s made a 180 degree turnaround. I have what Sara calls “high maintenance” skin, and I see her every two weeks. She has truly worked wonders , and I now walk with my head held high.”
– Nicole R.

“Sara has a knowledge of skin that is better than any dermatologist I’ve ever met. After a dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea and prescribed a year of oral and topical antibiotics, Sara helped me find an alternative answer. She rejected the idea that I had rosacea and helped me to understand I just have extraordinarily sensitive skin, and am allergic to many ingredients found in most skincare products. Through Sara, I found products perfect for my skin. Thanks to regular treatments with Sara and all her well-researched product recommendations, I’ve had perfect skin for over five years now. She is the absolute Goddess of flawless skin! I will never let anyone else touch my skin again.”
– Margaret E.

“Sara is the consummate professional. A rare combination of medical know-how and passion for what she does. Since I started seeing Sara my skin rarely breaks out, wrinkles are diminishing, and I no longer have dry, flaky skin. She even spied that I had the beginnings of rosacea and recommended I see a physician. My skin has never looked better. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face! I recommend her to all my friends.”
–Maggie L.

“I la-la love Sara because she CARES enough to share her personal best… being skin. Just have turned 40, things are starting to change, again, especially my unruly skin. I can easily describe the numerous trial and errors in past experiences, to the point where I was discouraged and hopeless about my skin – that’s pointless! What matters is the NOW. I’ve been with Sara for 8 mos. and from acne to ask me how does my skin look today… radiant, from the inside out. Thank you for being my favorite and humorous skin techie.”
–Blessed, Cecilia G.

“I love you!!! Thank you for all you do for me. I always have such a good feeling after seeing you. You’re such a great person!”
-XO! M. L.

“Omg I just looked at my skin in my magnifying mirror and I cannot get over how great it looks. You are a genius!!”
-X E.D.

“Thank you so much, Sara. My skin looks great after my facial. It was good to see you, and I always leave in higher spirits 🙂 ”

“Sara, Thank you very much….I’m always so inspired after a visit with you! You’re really a breath of pure,fresh air to my body and soul…….”
L. B.M.

“When I found Sara I was utterly exhausted and frustrated beyond measure from an entire year of straight acne! I have never had it before and at 30 found myself feeling very uncomfortable with the way my skin looked. I found Sara online and after reading the other testimonials I knew she was the one I needed. Over the course of a few months of personally tailored treatments Sara completely fixed my skin! I have had many estheticians and every treatment under the sun, but no one who took the time and energy to really understand my skin and what treatments/products did specifically for me. Sara was always taking copious notes, communicating with me and eager to help me however she could. Sara is one of the most sincere, dedicated and loving women I’ve met and her talent in skin is undeniable. Even after moving back to the Midwest I will continue to fly into LA to see her! She’s amazing and God sent!”
– Sincerely,
Jessica S.

“Thank you so much for my facial yesterday! I’m blown away… you did such extensive extractions and yet my face is barely showing any signs! I’m hopeful that between your graceful handiwork, my skin will be smooth and clear in no time… so far, it looks like I’m headed that direction already. ”
– I.L.

“Thank you so much for today! SO wonderful, really enjoyed the treatment and your expertise and knowledge. Thank you!”
– K. R.